Brewtiful Bristish Columbia


Based in the sunny Okanagan Valley, Brewtiful British Columbia is a craft beer blog run by Chelsea McDowell, one of the premier female beer bloggers in a male dominated industry. Chelsea wanted a design that reflected both her passion for craft beer as well as the beautiful province she calls home. The challenge was to create an iconic, memorable identity that can easily be adapted across many mediums.

After researching the field as well as other well-known beer bloggers, Tamara discovered many of them lacked a professional and creative brand identity. This opened an opportunity to create an iconic, eye-catching design that reflects Chelsea’s fun personality.

Brewtiful British Columbia is now a well known and respected craft beer blog with a large social media following. From judging Fest of Ale, Canada’s premiere craft beer and cider festival, to being a regular contributor to various craft beer magazines such as What’s Brewing and BC Ale Trail, Chelsea has embraced every opportunity that comes her way.

Brewtiful British Columbia’s distinct and unique brand identity separates it from other professionals, and in an industry where being noticed is key, it succeeds.

“Tamara was instrumental in the creation of my brand from the very beginning. From test driving names to finding the right website host, she was able to offer suggestions that were immensely helpful and made the process feel fun and collaborative. Her talent really shone through when we were working on the logo design. I had some vague ideas about what I wanted and after some discussion she produced several prototypes that captured the essence of what I wanted to express. I was so excited when I saw the final version, Tamara took my vision and added to it in a way that enhanced it beyond my expectations. Having a logo and website that look professional helped me achieve brand recognition quite early on in my launch, which gave me confidence in presenting my product in a fairly competitive market.”

Chelsea McDowell
Brewtiful British Columbia

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