Where to Sell Physical Products

Where to Sell Physical Products

Today we're talking all about physical products and how to get them in the hands of your customers. Whether you're selling clothing, jewelry or home accessories, there's a few different channels that can connect you with potential customers.

Online Store

The first is the typical no brainer place, having an online store where you can reach a worldwide audience is key. You can create a store through Shopify or set one up on a platform like ETSY which already has an audience. I would suggest trying out both and seeing what works best for your product. When you are ready to start advertising, directing customers to your own site looks more professional and there is the added benefit of not having to pay the seller fees that websites like ETSY charge.

Direct from Social

Social media is a great way to share photos and videos of your products. People love to get to know the person behind the brand and you can do this by recording yourself working or explaining your process through stories or reels. Show up often, at least a couple times a week, so customers can get a feel for who you are and your passion for the products you create. Don't worry about being perfect, just be your authentic self! There are also apps that you can use that will link your posts directly to your product pages to make it super easy for customers to make that purchase.

In-Person Markets

Markets are sometimes overlooked but don't under estimate the power of that face to face connection. Whether you have a low or high price point item, there will always be people that fit into your audience ready to buy from you, especially at places like holiday markets. People get the chance to meet you, talk to you about your product, feel your product and hear your story direct from source. This is such a powerful way to sell your items and build repeat customers. There is also the added bonus that you may potentially connect with people who want to carry your items in their store. Remember to bring lots of business cards so you can direct people to your website or social if they aren't ready to make a purchase right then. You can also include a coupon code on the business card to entice a future purchase or have a draw where they write their name and email on a piece of paper for a chance to win one of your products. Then you can start building your email list of people who are already interested in what you offer.

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