5 Ways to Use your Creative Skills to Make Money with Canva

5 Ways to Use your Creative Skills to Make Money with Canva

  1. Become a Canva Contributor. Whether you're a photographer, illustrator, videographer or just draw for fun, you can upload your work to Canva. Every time someone uses your element you get paid a small amount (that really adds up if you have lots of items)! It's super easy to apply so check it out at https://www.canva.com/contributors/.

  2. Create, manage and post custom social graphics. There are a lot of businesses out there who struggle with creating content and managing their social media account. With Canva, you can easily create a collection of custom branded social templates for businesses. You can even schedule them and post them directly as well. Upsell this main service by also adding in customer engagement etc and it would make a profitable side hustle.

  3. Create templates to sell on ETSY or Creative Market. There are so many industries out there that need marketing material. From accountants and teachers to realtors and coaches, the opportunity to create in-demand templates is high. The key is doing a search and finding out where the gap is. What are people looking for and not able to find? That will help you decide what to create. Alternatively, If you create a template for an oversaturated audience you're going to be competing against a ton of other sellers. If you go this route make sure your designs are incredible compared to the others so you have the edge.

  4. Become a Canva Creator. Canva Creators design templates for Canva that anyone can customize. Every time your template is used you get paid a percentage of a royalty pool. There is a bit of an application process for this and you need to make sure your design skills are on point before applying. You'll also want to make sure you have a portfolio of your design work online that you can link to. It's a little hard to get in, but if you manage to, the potential to earn income is high!

  5. Offer custom design graphics for businesses and entrepreneurs. Many businesses are looking for everything from business cards and flyers to presentations and custom invoices. Canva makes it easy and fun to design custom graphics. Starting a freelance design business can seem daunting at first, but once you find those first couple clients it gets easier and easier.
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